Breed Clubs and Organizations

Scottish Terrier Club of America

The Scottish Terrier Club of America (STCA) is the American Kennel Club (AKC) breed club for the Scottish Terrier, and is the official parent club and guardian for the breed.  Membership has grown from a small East Coast nucleus in 1900 to one which spans the U.S. and reaches Internationally. The STCA administers a variety of programs including a health trust fund, a national rescue program, a document database of educational and health related articles, a schedule of regional specialty shows, and more. STCA also publishes a quarterly magazine with ads, articles, trophy standings, new titles, and other news of interest to club members.  It is called The Bagpiper, and is available to non-members for a yearly subscription fee.

Regional Affiliates of the Scottish Terrier Club of America


  • The Scottish Terrier Club of Tampa Bay exists to encourage and promote the purebred Scottish Terrier.
  • Washington State Scottish Terrier Club (WSSTC)
    WSSTC membership is made up of Scottie folks from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Kansas, Alaska, Texas and Canada. Its members are involved with Scotties at many levels. Some are owners, breeders, AKC judges, dog show exhibitors, rescue workers, etc. As varied as the member’s interests are, the common bond among them all is the love for this special breed.

North of England Scottish Terrier Club – A Scottish Terrier Club based in the UK, established in 1907.

The American Kennel Club (AKC)

The American Kennel Club, a not-for-profit organization established in 1884, maintains a purebred dog registry, sanctions dog events and promotes responsible dog ownership. The AKC is a “club of clubs” with no individual members. The hundreds of independent dog clubs throughout the United States, which are licensed by the AKC to hold dog events under AKC rules, do have individual members. Those clubs at the highest level of AKC accreditation are called Member Clubs.

Scottish Terrier breed  is registered for show purposes with the AKC, and may earn titles through this organization. Titles include:  Championship (conformation), Companion Dog through Utility Dog Excellent (obedience), Tracking Dog/TD Excellent (tracking), Junior, Senior and Master Earthdog (instinct/working).

American Working Terrier Association

The breed may also be shown at events licensed by the American Working Terrier Association, and may earn titles through this organization as well. Titles include Certificate of Gameness, Working Certificate (instinct/working below ground) and Hunting Certificate (above ground).

Scottish Terriers can and do also participate in other all-breed dog sport events such as flyball and agility.

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Recommended Books

Out of Print (can occasionally be found on ebay)
  • The Kennelgarth Scottish Terrier Book, Betty Penn-Bull, Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme UK, 1995 2nd edition (1st edition 1983)
  • The New Complete Scottish Terrier, John T. Marvin, Howell Book House, 1982
  • This is The Scottish Terrier, T. Allen Kirk, Jr. M.D., TFH Publications, 1978
  • The Scottish Terrier, Dorothy Caspersz, Arco Publishing Company Inc. 1976 3rd edition

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Scottish Terrier Rescue Resources (STCA)Aberdeen Scottish Terrier Rescue, Oregon and SW Washington

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Scottish Terrier Breeders in Oregon

    • Barbara Coffel – Sweet Home, Oregon
      Coffel Scottish Terriers
    • Judy Herring – Dayton, OR (Also the Breeder Referral Contact for the Washington State Scottish Terrier Club)
      Falmair Kennels
    • Christine Stephens
      Glenby Scottish Terriers

Scottish Terrier Breeders in Washington

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Regional Dog Sport Clubs


  • Columbia Agility Team (CAT)
    The Columbia Agility Team was formed in 1993 to promote the fast-growing sport of dog agility in the Portland, Oregon / Vancouver, Washington area. CAT offers agility training, agility competition sanctioned by the North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) and the United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA), seminars, practice facilities and, most of all, fun for people and their dogs!
  • Willamette Agility Group (WAG)
    WAG officially was born in May, 1991, in Papa’s Pizza Parlor in Eugene, Oregon. They participate in trials for USDAA, NADAC, & AKC, and also perform many demos for OSU Vet Day, Fairs, schools, retirement centers, Canine Carnivals, Vet Clinic Openings, Humane societies and other dog related organizations. Agiliholics is what WAGGERS have become and they are still as enthusiastic as when they began!
  • Rainier Agility Team (RAT)
    International style dog agility for dogs of all breeds and mixed breeds in the Greater Puget Sound Area. RAT sponsors agility classes, USDAA and NADAC agility competitions, and seminars. They also offer practice facilities.

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  • Oregon Trail’s End Earthdog Club
    Earthdogs are dogs that “go to ground” – literally going down into the earth to track and work their quarry. Earthwork is the ancestral mission of dachshunds and the smaller terrier breeds. Wherever you have varmints who burrow or build dens underground there are dogs who have been bred to locate them by working cooperatively with a human partner. Earthdog trials are a great outdoor activity and offer an opportunity for involved, responsible owners to work together putting on tests, to educate the public, and to enjoy and return the enthusiasm our dogs bring into our lives.
  • Puget Sound Earthdog Club
    A group that has fun getting together to watch their dogs enjoy doing what they were bred to do. Their objectives include promoting the natural and trained hunting and working abilities of small Terriers and Dachshunds when exposed to hunting situations, to protect and advance the interests of all breeds eligible for AKC earthdog tests, and to encourage sportsmanlike competition.

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Additional Online Resources

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